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Shower room install Rotherham

This week the Aguaplumb UK team completed a neat shower room installation in Ravenfield, Rotherham, the client wanted swap their bath for a shower. The team took on all aspects of the project from start to finish, and installed a new sink with vanity unit, toilet and large stand alone shower. This helped save space […]

Bathroom update Rotherham

It is actually now under 100 days until Christmas. Hopefully this year we will all be able to have friends and family around. This is actually when many people start thinking about decorating or sprucing their homes up, to impress visitors. A new bathroom is obviously a big commitment, however there are many things that […]

Disabled bathroom, advice Barnsley

Aguaplumb UK can give great advice when it comes to the installation of disabled bathrooms. The service of disabled bathrooms has become more needed in recent years, with many family’s looking to accommodate elderly, rather than use the costly care system. Aguaplumb UK have offered a disabled bathroom service for many years, a service that […]

New shower Rotherham

Everyone is bracing for larger bills this coming year.  Much of this is obviously out of the general persons control. However there are measures that can be taken to try and keep household bills as efficient as possible. Such as ensuring a boiler is running to it’s best performance, insulating lofts and changing energy contacts […]

New Bathroom replacement Rotherham

We know that it has only just turned September, but if you were hoping of getting your bathroom renovated in time for Christmas, now is the time to start planning! This year in construction, everyone’s lead times have been stretched for materials, for a number of reasons…from Covid to the Suez canal and the red […]

Bathroom advice Rotherham

Now that the stamp duty holiday is coming to an end, many people are looking to improve as opposed to move. What better way to improve your home than a new bathroom? Some estimates claim a desirable new bathroom can add as much as 5% onto your homes value! Aguaplumb UK offer a one stop […]

Update bathroom Rotherham

We speak to many clients who have been scrolling through Instagram, and now want to update their bathroom! Social media can be great for ideas and inspiration, but it can also be unrealistic, with models showing off bathrooms that belong in a hotel or spa. That said Aguaplumb UK can help you update your bathroom. […]

Disabled bathroom modifications Doncaster

If you or a member of you family have recently suffered a change to mobility, then bathroom modifications will be high on your list to tackle. Some people are lucky enough to have a budget that allows them to perform a full bathroom renovation. Allowing for better access and washing facilitates. However, equally Aguaplumb UK […]

Happy Yorkshire Day from Aguaplumb UK

Happy Yorkshire Day from one of the leading and longest established Yorkshire Plumbing and Bathroom companies in this great county… Yorkshire and proud, Read more and view some great archive images>> Get in touch for more information or for a free no obligation home survey 01226 360 360 Alternatively you can visit : https://www.aguaplumb.co.uk Please  ’Like us […]

Bathroom adaptions Doncaster

This week the Aguaplumb UK helped an elderly client adapt his bathroom to one that is more suitable to his needs. The gentleman recently underwent a life changing event, and whilst he has made a great recovery. In order for him to stay at home, changers were required to his living arrangements. With not a […]